Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Connection CoPilot

Version   1.0.6
Last Update   10/27/2012
Compatibility   Connection 8.5(1) with ES 30 or later.
Connection 8.6.1 or later.

iPhone: version 1.0.4 On iTunesStore - requires iOS 4.2.1 or later
Support   NOT TAC supported

Support is provided via direct email (see the "info" button in the application) or via the public forums in the Unified Communication Applications section.

Connection CoPiolot is a simple end user targeted application that allows users to do basic administration tasks for their personal mailboxes via their smart phones quickly and easily.  It also includes an option for saving private greetings locally on your phone that you can "swap in" to any of your greetings with a few taps for recurring greeting changes.

Short video showing iPhone version features can be played here - 19 minutes.

The help formatted for mobile devices can be viewed here.

Other applications targeted at administrators are also in the works for the phone platforms this year.

If you're interested in learning about the C# wrapper used to develop this project using MonoTouch see the CUPI For Users .NET Wrapper home page - the code is available there as well as training videos showing how to get started with iOS Development against Connection.